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St. Martin's is a part of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, and we invite you to meet our family of friendly faces, open hearts, and Christ-driven lives. 



IMAGINE a city where 62% of the children live below poverty, where 40% of the houses are abandoned, where life for many is one big dumpster burn. Then imagine that some of these people in this urban setting (80%) hope for things we take for granted. They hope for a warm home, a roof over their head, healthcare, transportation, food and safe drinking water. Such a place exists: it is Flint’s East Side where the Lutheran Church (LCMS) has planted Franklin Avenue Mission (FAM) to serve the poor, hungry and homeless.  St. Martin Lutheran Church assists The Franklin Avenue Mission in Flint, Michigan where God calls us to serve the poor, hungry, and homeless. You can serve, too!


Jen Fruendt, Franklin Avenue MIssion Liaison

Jen Fruendt, Franklin Avenue MIssion Liaison


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People of the Book Lutheran Outreach: Dearborn, Michigan has the highest proportion of Arab-Muslim-Americans in the country: over 40% of the city’s population. The Islamic Center of America, the largest mosque in North America, is in Dearborn. Foreign-born immigrants comprise more than 6% of Michigan’s population. There are also an increasing number of refugees from places like Iraq and Syria who now call Michigan home. For these reasons, Michigan serves as the base for POBLO’s operations. With the high concentration of Arabs in Dearborn and the greater Metro Detroit region, outreach opportunities among Muslim immigrants and refugees are endless.

In Michigan, POBLO missionaries are sharing the Gospel with Muslims and other unreached groups one-on-one, in Bible studies, and through an Arabic radio station that broadcasts Christian messages across the U.S. POBLO missionaries disciple, encourage, and counsel Muslim converts and others interested in Christianity. There are five International Friendship Centers in Michigan that, in partnership with volunteers from local churches, provide English and sewing classes to immigrants and refugees in the community. POBLO also provides refugee resettlement services; citizenship classes; food, clothing, and furniture distribution; and friendship & hospitality to those in need. POBLO is also supporting persecuted converts in Michigan.

As a congregation, we financially support POBLO International. You can make additional contributions to this ministry by indicating that on your contribution envelope.

The Naumann Family

Rev. Dr. Edward and Monica Naumann serve the Lord through The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) as career missionaries in South Asia. In his role as a theological educator, Edward works with local church leaders to train and form new pastors.

He also provides ongoing education for those pastors already serving the Church. Through the relationships formed, Edward and Monica share the Gospel with the people in the communities in which they serve and live.

As a congregation, we financially support the Naumann Family. You can make additional contributions to this ministry by indicating that on your contribution envelope.

The Radke Family

Josh and Kasandra met in Summer 2001, were engaged in May 2003 and were married in June 2006. Their son Timo(theus) was born in June of 2010 and their daughter Isabelle in May of 2014. They say one can blame their parents who put them on a blind date. It was never supposed to lead to marriage, but simply putting two withdrawn, young artists and writers together and well.. the rest just happened.

Josh worked for a long time for his stepfather's business, working on websites and computers. Kasandra joined the National Guard and jumped around a bit between cooking for a university and working at UPS, while building their own business called Grail Quest Books. That came out of Josh and Kasandra being writers who wanted to get published, but just did not get that break. Aside from handwritten notes from agents and publishers who were amazed at their ideas, they did not see a market or know how to go about finding one. Now Kasandra and Josh are publishing others who have experienced the same publishing struggles.

Seminary has always been there. Josh talked about it a lot, solely because people and pastors kept coming up to him after he helped during services (as Lector, etc.) and telling him that he should consider seminary and pray about it. So, after a lot of preparation and guidance from their previous pastor and getting involved with a mission church in Canada across the border in Maine, Josh learned about CLTS (Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary in St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada). He applied with approval and moved forward. This was very scary for him since he had not taken any school instruction in over 15 years. 

Some info about their children: both are on the Autism Spectrum. Isabelle is non-verbal at this point and may remain so, but they keep praying and working with her. Both children have received therapy and will continue to do so as things develop. They are very kind souls, loving and in some aspects very unusual. They love hugs and know no grudge. Their son has an amazing memory: he could count to 100 by age 3, but could not tell you his favorite food or color. To this day, they do not understand danger (which is dangerous), so life is an adventure and never dull. Things that worked yesterday do not work today and vice versa. It's a style of life at this point and Josh and Kasandra just pray that, one day, they can have ministry around this.